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KIA invites ALL to:

Trip to Bymarka

Sunday May 22 Bus No. 10 from KIA PM . 13 to Fjellseter chapel Everyone takes himself with some food that we share. Program: Activities for all ages. Outdoors or indoors . Song , play, fun , and fellowship with Norwegians. For asylum seekers in receptacle sends KIA out aides who can organize a shuttle bus or taxi.

Great activity event at Berg rectory April 12.

b1445 youngsters met students from the ‘ Go ut’- center at Berg rectory April 12 . They played soccer, volleyball, had ‘sekkeløp’ and ‘potetløp’ with the students . A hot dish, and later coffee and cakes, was served. The atmosphere was good and both Norwegians and immigrants seemed to enjoy others’s company.  Sunshine and good weather also contributed to the success of the event.

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Activities at Berg parsonage

berg prestegård1Welcome to activity day at Berg parsonage.
Address: Jonsvannsveien 45, 7051 Trondheim.
Immigrants are welcome to activity day together with Norwegian youths on Berg rectory Tuesday April 12 from 12 o’clock.
There will be free shuttle from the various reception centers to the parsonage.
There will be various activities such as competitions, games and dining.